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Divine Bonds

Welcome to the official site of "Divine Bonds: Celestial Warfare in the Sands," a fantasy saga where the fates of gods and mortals intertwine in the most unexpected ways. Here, amidst the shifting sands of a world both vast and mysterious, our journey begins.


As the author, I'm thrilled to share this adventure with you. This site is not just a gateway to acquiring your own copy of the book; it's a vibrant community where the magic of the story extends beyond the pages. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, dive deep into discussions about the lore, military connection, characters, and speculate on the many mysteries that await.


Explore, engage, and be enchanted. Welcome to a world where divine bonds are forged in the heat of celestial warfare. Your adventure starts now.

Get to know me.

A 16-year combat veteran, the author's journey spans the raw, unyielding frontlines as an Infantryman to the strategic and compassionate role of a Medical Service Officer. His service, marked by dedication and valor, bridges the gritty reality of military engagement with the healing and supportive framework of medical oversight. A lover of fantasy books, he has long been captivated by worlds where the impossible becomes possible, where heroes rise amidst chaos and magic weaves through the fabric of reality.


Driven by a desire to share his real-life experiences through a lens of wonder and enchantment, he ventures into the realm of fantasy writing. His stories are a unique amalgamation of true combat experience, infused with the magic and allure of fantasy worlds. In his narratives, readers will find echoes of bravery, sacrifice, and the unbreakable human spirit, all while journeying through realms where magic battles against the darkness, and mythical creatures ally with humans for the greater good.

This author’s work is a tribute to the valiant hearts he's served with and a testament to the power of storytelling in bridging the gap between the stark realities of our world and the boundless possibilities of our imaginations.


Join him as he unveils a tapestry of tales where the essence of his military experiences dances with the fantastical, inviting readers into worlds they've never dared dream of.



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